Student Achievers

Kendriya Vidyalaya Student's Achievements:
  1. Our four students have got prize at regional level at 6 mts race and drawing competition. Picnic towards Dwarka & Porbandar for classes of 8th and 9th.
  2. 37th U.P.U letter writing competition No. of participants 75 students.
  3. Parents's Meeting for Class I & II on 06/08/2008. # Parents's Meeting for Class III,IV,V on 07/08/08.
  4. Grand Parents Meeting for I to V on 13/06/08. # CMP programme has been arranged on Time to Time at 20/08/08.
  5. Medical Check up in September 2008.
  6. Students interaction day celebrated on dated 8th February 2008. On this day higher class students were arranged partners with lower classes students. Through this students being in one school never been in contact with other came to know about each other. Two pairs each were made and one sweet was given among them which they shared with each other. This help them to develop the feeling of brotherhood and co-operation. we were oblige to see the change in students behavoiur and their views for this topic.